Sharrona Reaves Basketball Coach

Sharrona Reaves

A Basketball Coach By Trade

My name is Sharrona Reaves and I am what I’d like to call a basketball coach by trade, and an activist for Women of Color by vocation.

I’ve spent the last 18 years, traveling the world recruiting and coaching. As a recruiter, the biggest part of my job was building relationships and working with women. Mostly black women.

In the early years of my career, I believed much of what I experienced with other black women good and bad, was exclusive to the sports profession. A profession where the major metric of success is based on being competitive and winning.

That was before I became a corporate recruiter and witnessed similar experiences. Then when I listened to conversations with my friends from other professions about their experiences with other black women, stories ranging from friendships, working relationships and family dynamics…..their stories sounded a lot like mine and other stories I’d heard.

What I know for sure is that black women share so many of the same experiences. We gut laugh at the same things and often we shed tears over similar pain. Unfortunately we rarely talk about it or even acknowledge it. 

Some of us are soaring high in our careers and relationships and we are wondering why other women who look like us aren’t more supportive.

The reality that we don’t always support each other, could play a role in why we don’t trust each other. I can admit that the area of trust has definitely been an issue for me. I believe we can be better here…grow here. In fact, I believe our ancestors expect it.

These Three Things was born out of the hundreds of conversations I’ve had. Conversations with mothers of daughters I’d recruited, former players, women who’ve shared their stories at speaking events, colleagues, and friends.

These Three Things podcast will dig deeper into those conversations and much more …      

"Black women have been cultured to compare not connect."

– Michaela Angela Davis