Daynia LaForce

Host Sharrona Reaves talks with Mothers Against Racism Co-Founder Daynia LaForce. LaForce, born in St. Lucia, shares her personal experience of racism in the US and how she and Co-Founder Donna Marshall came together and created the organization, Mothers Against Racism.

Daynia LaForce

Co- Founder Mothers Against Racism

A two-time Coach of the Year, Daynia La-Force has spent more than two decades as a Division I college basketball coach after concluding her own playing career at Georgetown University.

Coach LaForce recently stepped away from the college bench for a season so she could follow her eldest son, former Florida State standout Terance Mann, as he embarked on his NBA rookie career as a LA Clipper and her youngest son Martin Mann, who plays for Pace University. She also took a timeout to marry her best friend, University of Vermont’s All-Time Leading Scorer, Eddie Benton.

She didn’t stay out of the gym for long. Last summer, LaForce joined the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun as an advance scout/volunteer coach and was part of the historic Sun team that reached the 2019 WNBA Finals for the first time since 2005. The only female college basketball coach with a son currently in the NBA, LaForce’s college coaching experience is extensive and varied. She has successfully coached in the Atlantic 10 (A-10), Northeast Conference (NEC) and Colonial Athletic Association (CAA).